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In the kitchen with hemp

For 8 people
*100 gr of gomasio hemp seeds / Horsetail / Nettle

* A teaspoon of garlic 

* A pinch of salt (the gomasio is already salty but very slightly) 

* Option: parmesan 
* A handful of fresh herbs, basil, spinach; mix while lengthening 
with olive oil or vegetable milk. 


Hemp seed pesto / Horsetail / Nettles

pesto de chanvre, hippocrate et epicure.JPG


*One sliced avocado
* Baby spinach
* two tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds
* Some black olives 

Poelee de champignons et chanvre, hippocrate et epicure.png

Pan-fried mushrooms 

* 200 gr button or shiitake mushrooms 
* 6 prawns optional
* 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds and fine seaweed

* A chopped spring onion
* 50g minced parsley 

Sujio Yamaguchi hippocrate et
Sugio YAMAGUCHI-photo Stéphane Bahic-Hip

Recipes developed by
Sugio Yamaguchi

Pesto  Gomasio Turmeric Black pepper for 6 people 

- 100 g ofgomasio hemp/turmeric
- 4 g of chilli 
- 40 cl of olive oil
- 10 cl of lemon juice
- 1 tsp of honey

dipping curcuma Au gomasio de chanve hip
onigiri aux graines de chanvre et fines

Onigiri with hemp seeds and fine seaweed

- Cook 200 gr rice in a cooker

- Mix the rice once cooked with 60 gr ofgomasio hemp/Seaweed 

- Make the balls 

- Sprinkle with gomasioagain 

hippocrate et epicure Gomasio de chanvre
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